Travel insurance

  • Get more than one quote as the prices vary depending on your age and destination
  • Always disclose pre-existing conditions, however seemingly trivial
  • Consider the difference between free travel insurance on your credit card and paid cover.
  • Ensure you have sufficient cancellation insurance.
  • Ask if your call goes to Australia or an overseas call centre.
Why travel with us?

Music-Lovers Tours by OPERATIF! 
Why Travel With Jennifer & Stewart?

  • A boutique, 'hands-on' operation, we create every tour from the ground up, booking all hotels, activities, tickets, restaurants directly with the suppliers. This guarantees high standards, meticulous organisation and excellent value for money.
  • We give personal attention to all aspects of planning and hosting our tours, and you will always deal directly with us. 
  • OPERATIF is an established business, operating since 1994, which also offers Music Lovers Tours.
  • As professional singers we have a high level of industry knowledge and are confident in choosing performances and in dealing direct with theatres and opera houses. 
  • Our tours are guaranteed to depart. Being so popular they are never dependent on numbers. Many people now reserve their place even before tours are on sale. 
  • Our travel clients love music, so you have something in common with your fellow travellers from the outset.
  • We have an enviably high number of repeat clients which is testimony to our product and level of service.
  • With no need of glossy brochures, expensive advertising or other ‘overheads’ our clients receive better value.

  • We devote countless hours, days and months to researching and creating every tour 'from the ground up.' We do not use travel agents, or incoming travel companies. We do not use '3rd party' ticket agencies to acquire opera or concert tickets, as we have direction relationships with the theatres.
  • Even once a tour is on sale, we continue to work on the itinerary, honing it and inserting more activities or visits we’ve discovered.
  • We give advice on weather, what to pack, money to take and how and the best ways of communicating with home. We are there to assist you at all times.
  • We choose high standard (4-star), character/ historic hotels in prime, central locations.
  • We strive to create lasting, wonderful memories, including special experiences that we know will stay with you long after the tour finishes.
  • Our tours are at a leisurely pace, (on average, three night stays in each hotel) so you’ve time to really ‘feel’ and absorb everything.
  • We hate early morning departures, rushing and feeling you are jumping on and off coaches. We avoid all of these things.
  • We allow free time for you to relax or to explore in smaller shop, sit in a village square, visit small galleries, gardens or see extra concerts. 
  • You’ll have Jennifer and Stewart as your hosts, plus, on European and Asian tours, our tour director and local specialist guides to look after you.
  • Our meals are superior quality. Unlike many package tours, we generally offer 3 courses with 3 choices in each. We choose each course in consultation with the restaurants. All meals are served with local wine, mineral water, or softer drinks if you prefer.
If you’ve previously visited some of the places in our itinerary, bear in mind what past clients have said on numerous occasions...... “We didn’t do it like this last time!”
Stewart and Jennifer LOVE returning to places they’ve enjoyed before. A little familiarity allows further ‘depth.’ Just like visiting old ‘friends’ you haven’t seen for a while, memories are rekindled as new ones are created....lovely!

We aim for every client on every tour to experience a ‘trip of a lifetime. We hope to see you soon.

Jennifer & Stewart

Travel Insurance 

Comprehensive Travel Insurance, including Cancellation Insurance, is mandatory on all our tours. There are many companies who sell travel insurance in Australia and most travel editors and many advisory sites would say that purchasing travel insurance is preferable to relying on something included, for free, with your credit card.

While never able to actually recommend one company over another, the following are widely used in the travel industry and/or well recommended by industry or financial comparison sites.

We cannot do the cover for you, as it is a personal matter, requiring disclosure of personal issues, including the all-important 'pre-existing conditions'. In our opinion, this is the most contentious issue with a travel insurance claim and failure to disclose a condition from the last few years ( often this is 5 years ) can result in a claim being refused. Often there is no extra charge, but it must be disclosed. When there is an extra charge, this is clearly better than having your claim refused. We suggest you try at least a couple of the following, as prices can vary greatly depending on where the trip is to, your age and those pre-existing conditions. Of course, ensure you are 'comparing apples with apples', in terms of cover and level of cancellation insurance ( compulsory on our tours ). CLICK HERE to read about Southern Cross' definitions of Pre-Existing Conditions.

  •  Covermore Travel Insurance.  CLICK HERE to go to your online quote and/or application. Phone 1300 72 88 22 if you prefer
  • Southern Cross Travel Insurance CLICK HERE  to go to your online quote and/or application. Phone 1800 196 484 if you prefer
  • Australian Seniors Travel Insurance CLICK HERE  to go to your online quote and/or application. Phone 1300 051 095 if you prefer
  • Budget Direct Travel Insurance CLICK HERE to go to your online quote and/or application. Phone 1800 444 424 if you prefer  

    You may also like to try your local Auto club ( RACV etc ) or Medibank / BUPA etc.

If you wish to read their 2019 Product Disclosure Statements click the links below.
 Covermore I
 Southern Cross I
 Australian Seniors