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Posted by Stewart Cameron

28 Aug 2017


Travel Clients,

Here is a link to the promised Survey regarding future tours and we do hope you will assist us and complete it. The aim is to give us an indication of which tour ideas appeal and which ones get the most votes. It's no use us putting our heads down and planning fabulous new itineraries if the basic destination isn't what a substantial number of our clients are looking for.

All you need to do is click in the box beside any tour which appeals and which you might book if it goes ahead. (Don't worry...we won't hold you to it and there will be no follow up calls or emails...We just want an indication!)

The programme which collates the results is called 'Survey Monkey' so don't worry if you read this name somewhere. The information only comes to us...'definitely no chimps involved!  

To go to the Survey, simply CLICK HERE and once you've finished, don't forget to click the DONE button at the bottom.

To see our latest magazine publicity CLICK HERE

Thanks again for your time and your assistance. It really is invaluable to us.


Jennifer & Stewart 

P.S. We are always looking at new ways to reach new potential clients. Up here in S E Queensland we have a couple of lovely colour, free, weekly magazines specially for we 'over 50s'.  They are called Your Time. If you receive something like this in your part of the world, or have it at your local shops, please let us know ( or even better, post us one to P O Box 5001, Sunshine Coast MC, QLD 4560 ). You may see our faces in an advert one day !