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Our Brisbane City Hall Concerts

Posted by Stewart Cameron

08 Apr 2015

As many of our regular patrons know, prior to the 'renovation' of City Hall we produced several highly-acclaimed concerts per year at Brisbane City Hall.

Since the 'renovation', largely paid for by rate-payers, the venue hire responsibilities have been passed from Council to a private catering company, Epicure.

In March, 2015 we sought a revised quote for hiring the Ithaca Auditorium for a 90 minute concert and were quoted $5,600 ( perhaps plus some technical charges such as lighting, piano tuning etc. This represents a 700% increase on what we used to pay pre- 'renovation'.  This is a scandalous situation, which shows, in our opinion a lack of respect for this venue as a historical and unique Concert Venue . In Brisbane City there is nowhere else, but it is now the domain of Council 'free concerts', weddings and business functions. We remain active in publicising this current situation and hope, one day soon, for a change in attitude towards Music and the Arts by the current Council.

To write to the Lord Mayor CLICK HERE